A Little Bit About Me

I was introduced to the Pilates Method in London in 1982, when I stumbled upon the Pineapple Dance Studio in Covent Garden. Michael King, director of the Pilates Institute (MK Pilates) opened his first studio there and called it Body Control.   Michael now runs courses in over 22 countries worldwide.  The seed was planted and it was some years later that I attended my first Internationally recognised Pilates accreditation with Michael King.  It wasn’t difficult to became passionately involved with this wonderful method of movement. 



I have always enjoyed being physical, playing sports such as softball, netball and years of athletics, spending many hours at Perry Lakes Stadium. In later years (as a mother of two young children), karate was a wonderful way for me to keep physically and mentally fit.  I practiced Shotokan karate and found I loved the Kata (movement patterns), which were at the beginning structured, but became more fluid  and powerful as one progressed.  As with the Pilates method, the Kata is mindful of the precision of each and every movement . The gym was also a good place for me to keep strong and toned and I enjoyed helping others get fitter and stronger.  This was a huge motivator and my passion for learning more about the human anatomy began. 


I had been running aerobic, step and strength classes, along with private sessions and enrolling in various workshops for some time when I enrolled in my first anatomy and movement course with the Royal Society of Arts in London in 1990. Since then I have enrolled in many more accreditations, workshops and master classes, most of which have enriched my knowledge and my love for movement and physical and mental wellbeing. I discovered many years ago that no two people are alike in the way in which they carry themselves.  There are many reasons for dysfunctional movement and holding patterns and therefore I am educated  each and every day by the clients with whom I work.  I also like to keep at the forefront of my industry, so continuing education in areas of interest is something I enjoy. 


​My intuitive nature and keen eye for spotting the not-so-obvious are qualities that have been honed over the many years working with hundreds of people of all ages and with varying physical problems.

Life without a variety of exercise and movement  and the feeling that it brings, is not worth thinking about!

I love keeping the mind and the body healthy and strong.... mine and yours! 

So...my commitment to you is to be my best so you can achieve your best!


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