Studio Etiquette and Guidelines

Mobile Phones
We would appreciate it if you could switch off your mobile phone while you are in the studio, as our aim is to promote an environment of peaceful calm and focus on our mental and physical well-being.   We are grateful for your understanding.

Pre-paid classes

  • Block bookings for classes must be paid by the commencement of the 10 week period.   Only classes paid in advance can be discounted, and any blocks not paid for by the commencement of the 10 week period will be charged at the applicable Pay As You Go rate.

  • ​Missed classes which have been pre-paid may be made up within 12 weeks of the start of the block by doing a make-up class of equivalent value.  

  • Should you not be able to attend a make-up class of equivalent value within the applicable 12 week period, you may attend a class of greater value and pay the difference in cost on the day of attendance.

  • Only sessions which have been cancelled with due notice (at least 24 hours) may be made up within 12 weeks of the start of the block.

  • When purchasing a block of 10 sessions, please note the 12-week expiration period for use. If you are going away on a holiday please let us know and we can put your sessions on hold until you return.

  • If one half of the duet cancels in accordance with our cancellation policy, the session becomes a private one for the remaining person, and extra payment will be required.

  •  We regret we are unable to refund fees for pre-paid classes.

Pay As You Go classes

Please ensure you give us 24 hours’ notice of cancellation for pre-booked Pay As You Go sessions to avoid being charged the full rate for the session.


Please note that no cancellations can be taken on Saturday afternoons and Sundays, so, if you wish to cancel a pre-booked Monday morning session, you will need to advise us on by 12.00 pm on Friday.   If the session you wish to cancel is on Monday afternoon, you will need to advise us by 5.00 pm on Friday.   Your co-operation and understanding is appreciated.  

Time Keeping

We ask you to help us to be as punctual as possible, by arriving on time so that we can start your session as booked, and give you the benefit of the full session.   Unfortunately, if you are late in arriving, we will need to shorten your session to finish at the booked time, as other sessions have generally been booked to start immediately after yours.   We are grateful for your assistance.


You are respectfully requested to remove your outdoor shoes in the front foyer, before you enter the carpeted area.   This will assist us to maintain our current standards of freshness and cleanliness for the benefit of all our valued clients.


We would appreciate it if you would refrain from wearing perfume at your session or class, for the comfort of other clients.

Arriving during a Class

If you arrive at the studio while a class is in session, we would be very grateful if you could remain seated until the session in progress has finished, in order not to disturb the other clients.   We greatly appreciate your consideration.

Thank you for acting in accordance with Inspire Pilates’ studio policies and guidelines.   We hope that clarifying the expectations of the studio for all our clients will enhance your experience with Inspire Pilates.

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