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I had been suffering from lower back pain for many years and it was getting progressively worse.The pain was present on a daily basis and worse with exercise.   I had been advised that the only remaining treatment option left for me was back surgery.

A friend suggested I try Pilates and I was extremely sceptical that this could help my pain as I had significant disc bulges and other severe “wear and tear” changes on MRI scans.

However, I was desperate to return to exercise and not have pain on a daily basis so I was ready to try anything.   Much to my surprise and delight, within weeks, my back pain was significantly improved and after a few months of Pilates under the supervision of the extremely competent, knowledgeable and charming Helen at Inspire Pilates, I am completely pain free and have returned to marathon running.

Dr Carmel Goodman I Chief Medical Officer

Western Australian Institute of Sport

As someone who had been exercising for most of my life in gyms, I think Pilates is definitely the best fitness programme I have experienced.  It achieves both a physical and mental workout for me and so I look forward to my sessions.

 I started Helen's matwork classes some 7 years ago and loved them.  I also like working on the equipment for variety and a different challenge. Pilates keeps my body strong in a very different way to working out at the gym.  I enjoy the focus I need on attention to detail to perform each movement and so I feel energised after my sessions.  

Pilates helps me achieve the very best for my body.  I look forward to the next 7 years at Inspire Pilates!

Sharon Friedman

Dianella, WA

I don't know when I actually started at Inspire Pilates, but I know it just feels like home!  It took me ages to find a studio in Perth that could offer the kind of tailored, individualised dynamic and inspired Pilates program I was looking for, to help me build strength, condition, manage injury and balance my running and exercise regime. At Inspire Pilates I struck gold!

Helen, the owner, is an incredibly skilled practitioner and teacher and she's masterfully intuitive and genuinely caring. Her energy, charm and enthusiasm inspire dedication in your practice.   She knows exactly how to motivate and help you get the best results. I love pushing myself to the limits and sweating it out when I train. I never thought I would have the patience for something so measured, focused and technical as Pilates practice. At Inspire Pilates, under Helen's instruction I feel physically challenged and strong and I feel like I've worked hard at every class.

The studio is a fantastic space and offers all the bells and whistles. You couldn't ask for better equipment, all in pristine condition and the attention to detail is unmistakable. The care demonstrated for the physical environment and each and every client, reminds you that you're at the very best Pilates studio with the very best Pilates instructor. Thanks Helen, you're stuck with me for good!

Lisa Majteles

Mount Hawthorn, WA



As a ballet teacher and avid recreational ballet dancer, I was starting to feel the effects of a very busy schedule on an aging body!   Physiotherapy visits were becoming more and more common as various areas of my body were struggling with over-use injuries.  

Helen, the director of Inspire Pilates, has helped me strengthen relevant muscle groups to support vulnerable areas, isolate and use muscles in different ways and stretch to counteract the repetitive muscle contractions required for ballet.

I have found the equipment sessions to be invaluable in reducing strain and pain, and in strengthening important areas, and Helen makes the classes so much fun with her quirky sense of humour - albeit we work hard!

Helen's watchwords are "quality", "personal" and "hands-on", and her sessions always reflect that.   I can highly recommend them!

Robyn Cooper

Kingsley, WA


My wife and I began working with Helen almost eight years ago.  Our primary goal was to increase our fitness through cardio workouts.  Helen quickly realised that my physical activity was restricted due to an issue with my back that had initially been caused by a car accident and more recently, a water ski accident.  I had been receiving treatment from a chiropractor for lower back pain and muscle spasms, but my back was not improving.  Helen suggested that I consider taking Pilates sessions which would increase my core strength and overall flexibility.   Helen has a very hands on approach and within a short period of time, my back and overall wellbeing improved dramatically.    Pilates has become a very important part of my life.  I am and will always remain very grateful to Helen for working with me to get where I am today.   Helen has an extensive knowledge of Pilates and the mechanics of the human body.  She has trained extensively for a long period of time and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her. 


Colin Ferguson

North Perth, WA




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